Friday, September 27, 2013

Digital Development Services

My designs and illustrations are created via the industry leading software Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, programs I learned at Iowa State's College of Design. My design, writing and illustration skills all come in handy to give me a good foundation for cohesive web design. The designing and the writing only make up a small segment of complete and usable web design, the rest of the work is created through hand written and closely reviewed coding and programming. 

 I first learned to edit websites superficially while blogging, my current position requires me to work with embedded HTML and CSS coding to create and edit web pages and sites. My writing is a product of Iowa State University's Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication where I received a Bachelor's degree. I am also well-informed about marketing and advertising and my blogs have reached thousands of page views from a wide international audience, that kind of exposure is vital and absolutely beneficial for any company. Below are some of the digital development services I provide:

Full Web Design & Content Writing

La Flor de Chiapas - Mexican Restaurant

Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities               




HTML/CSS template for World Sports (full site- delayed from November 20th, Coming Soon)


-Your website must have a creative and outstanding theme that fits your company and positively communicates with your customers. The website must also be responsive to search engines, interactive, and easy to navigate through; these are all requirements I take into consideration when creating the perfect website to fit the demographic you want to reach and sell your products to!

With a general outline of what the company does and an understanding of the target audience, I can create a fitting project.

*A website domain name and web hosting for a year, along with a professional logo(If needed), will be included in this full website design package for free!

*If you would like to pay your own hosting and domain fees as you go, you may purchase a fully written and designed website for a one time fee of $200!  

*Website maintenance and updates may have additional fees.


                                                                                                        Web design starting at $359.99 

Logos & Emblems

-Creating the perfect logo requires immense understanding of the functionality of the business or company at hand. It also requires an understanding of appealing visual effects that are likely to draw customers. A great fitting logo is a great tool to draw people towards your business and subconsciously increase it's appeal and value.

    Logo Designed for Global Mart, a Mediterranean grocery shop in Coralville, Iowa.

The logo as it is shown on Global Mart's website   

                                                                                                        Professional logos starting at $179.99

Detailed Designs and Illustrations 

-Useful of large Advertisements.
-E-book Images
-Medical Diagrams

*Clients will receive very large high quality images with commissioned text or without it.


 Starting at $89.99

*prices are negotiable based on the complexity of the work and how many hours it may take to complete. Typically, this work is at a rate of $20/work hour. Payment can be made through Western Union or Paypal for long distance purchases.

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Web Content Producer

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Print Design and Copywriting Services

Need an eye-catching graphic to help you sell your latest novel, a magazine or a musical album you produced? Or maybe you have an upcoming event that you need some printed advertising and promotional material for; no worries, I'm here to help you. My customer satisfaction rate is 100% , I am dedicated to flawlessly designing every pixel and fluently constructing every sentence for every project I create. Print advertisements for events are now being commissioned at a low price.

Event and Venue Photography- High quality SLR

Poetry and music show in Ames, IA.
Museum at Iowa State's Memorial Union, Ames, IA.

Istanbul Airport.

*Photo prints will be framed and printed on high quality film. 


-May consist of a photo, thematic text and/or an illustrated design.
-Web advertisements, banners, flyers and more.
-Choose from a variety of styles and templates
-Advertisements for events and lectures.
-Advertisements for groups and organizations.
-Advertisements for live performances and more!

Various styles and color combinations

Landscape orientation


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Web Content Producer

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News Writing

below are a few samples of my written works, for more look up Mihyar Abdelgalil in the Iowa State Daily search box at the top of the homepage.

Iowa State Daily



Guides Rewritten and Improved   

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Digital Illustrations, Paintings and Cover Art

Digital Painting

Cover Designs

-Music album covers
-Children's book covers & illustrations
-Magazine covers & illustrations
-Covers for novels
-Choose from a variety of styles, templates and layouts.


Album Art starting at $49.99

Web Design & Web Editing

Precise HTML, fitting CSS, well-written content, and spectacular digital vector graphics; all these elements combine to make powerful, complete and an attractive websites.

Pages created for Iowa State's Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities

Homepage Updates


Robert Fishman Lecture Page

Seminars and Symposia Page

A few examples of websites made using various templates:                                              New HTML/CSS Layout for World Sports

As you can see, I am slowly developing the World Sports Realm Blogger page into a full HTML and CSS webpage:
An example of a practice website I made using Wix's HTML5 drag and drop feature:

Here are a few Templates with custom made backgrounds and web layouts from HTML:

Saturday, August 3, 2013


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Mihyar Abdelgalil
Web Content Producer

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Logo Designs

*Photo size and quality on some of the following logos is not indicative of the photo size and quality that a client would receive. Some of the following are smaller copies of the final designs, and this is mainly due to copyright protection issues.
Clients will always receive the Maximum image size and quality.

Global Mart Logo                                                          Logo as it is seen on Global Mart's website                                    

  TK Iowa logo (Previous installment)                                               Logo as shown on TK's website

Innovative Times logo                                               Logo as it shown on Design Firm's website



Reggae Globe logo                                                     Logo as it is shown on Reggae Globe's website                       


World Sports Realm Logo                             Logo as it is shown on World Sports Realm's website              


Professional Logos starting at $179.99